Friday, January 10, 2014

Embedding a forum on a Weebly site

If you want a forum embedded on your Weebly site and you need a quick solution,  register at and create a forum there.

Contact the help desk via this link: and ask for an embed code. You can get your forum embedded on your Weebly site and up and running in minutes.

Here is an example of an embedded Lefora forum on a weebly site:

This is just a test forum, so no huge activity there, but you get the drift :)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Exhuming my cat after she'd been buried for almost 4 weeks

Today I had to exhume my cat after she had been buried for almost 4 weeks. Why am I blogging about this? Because I looked up information about it on the internet and found very little. I hope that this post will be helpful some day to someone who is faced with having to do this and wants to know what to expect.

My cat's name was Mousti. She died of cancer after a full life of 17 years. We were very close, she was my little buddy and you very rarely saw one without the other. She was never more than a few feet away from me.
But, all good things come to an end and I try to concentrate on the good times we had. I am still grieving her death and it has been a difficult time. I wanted to bury her at home, I couldn't stand the thought of having her cremated or buried anywhere other than the place she had known as her home.

After she was put to sleep, she was put in what I call her little coffin. A box made of hard cardboard. They had put a pillow case in the box, which served as a blanket. When we came home with her, we buried her under the big maple tree where she used to nap in the afternoon. We put a good number of flat, heavy stones on top of her grave to prevent wild animals from digging.

Behind the maple tree is a huge barn that was half broken down last winter. We were told this past week that a crew is expected to arrive with an excavator to clean up the remains of the barn. Looking at it logically, there is no way to do this and work around Mousti's grave, they'd have to disturb it for sure, so I decided to give her a new resting place, away from where the excavator will be.

First we dug her new resting place. When ready, I made a large double plastic bag, and we started to dig very carefully, in case the box she was in would still be intact. Soon we found out that it was not, because we saw pieces of the box. We scooped very carefully to get as much soil out as possible without disturbing her too much. Then Steve put the shovel very deep and picked her up. We didn't actually see her,  the shovel looked as if it had a big pile of soil and pieces of the box. I held the bag wide open and he carefully put her in the bag. I closed the bag and we walked down the path to put her in her new grave. At that time, there was no smell at all.

After putting her in her new resting place we started to fill it up with soil. At that point there was some smell, but really not as bad as I had expected. We worked very quickly. When done, we covered her grave with rocks again.

If you feel that your pet needs a new resting place, I'd say don't hesitate to do it. I'm not an expert and I am sure it could have turned out differently. All I can do is write down my experience in case someone else needs to do this and is helped by this information. In hindsight, I am glad that I did this because now I know she can rest in peace.

Here is a picture of my little queen, God I miss her :(

Sunday, November 7, 2010

New friends

It's been a while since I posted something. Life's been busy, what can I say.
I moved to an old farmhouse in the middle of nowhere on August 1st. One of the first things I noticed after moving was the presence of many more wild animals, compared to my previous place. The coyotes howl at night, deer are all over the place, woodchucks run across the path to the woods. Second thing I noticed was the absolute silence at night when the coyotes aren't howling. Third thing I noticed was a bad rash on my arms. I thought it was poison ivy, but it just got worse from there. Today my arms look as if I have the measles.

The above picture was taken in my back yard. There are hundreds of apple trees on this huge property, the deer love them and so do I. Shortly after moving I started fencing in a large area, getting ready to plant vegetables next spring.
The cat made the move all right, she is still up to her old tricks such as jumping on the desk when she's not supposed to, and ruling the house.

Do I feel at home here? I am not sure, but I certainly love the lone feeling, and I love looking up at the sky on a clear night.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

My Cat Mousti

A young kitten sat crying on my porch when I came home from work at two in the morning. It was 20 below zero and the wind was blowing like crazy. There was no way she would have survived the night. I let her in the house, "just for this one night" I thought. One night became two, two became a week, a month.. this is my queen Mousti, 14 years later.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dear Beloved

From my spam folder:

My beloved in Christ,

I am ,Rita ****, a Christian.I have picked your email address randomly for an inheritance of $18.5M which is lodge in a Security Company.They wrote me to come and claim the fund and i am Hospitalize now and cant do anything.

I Will give you more details as soon as i hear from you,


Even the scammers get lazy, they used to send an elaborate mail with a sob story that had the potential of turning every stone into a heart. Seriously, all they have to do is keep their heart wrenching sob story on a notepad and paste it in the body of a mail. Or maybe this is a new strategy and they try to get people curious enough to reply? Some halfway decent punctuation wouldn't hurt either.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Lucky died today

Let me tell you about Lucky, she was a sweetheart.
One night her coop got attacked by a wild animal and most chickens got killed. Two of her sisters survived and were brought to my coop the next day, because their owner wanted a safer home for them. The dog came out of the woods two days later with Lucky in his mouth. She was seriously damaged but was alive. She was also brought to my coop and reunited with her sisters. Lucky did great. Last year she and her sister Chimney decided to brood together. They hatched 6 beautiful babies. This year, Lucky wasn't much into the brooding game, but Chimney had two successful hatches.

Lucky never pecked on the other hens and in turn, they left her alone. She loved her greens in the afternoon. Last night I could tell that she was not feeling well. She sat huddled in the corner and didn't want any treats. She died today, probably of old age. I buried her alongside the path that goes from the back yard into the woods. Poor Lucky!